There is a clear rationale behind our subject focused curriculum. Both skills and knowledge are taught in each subject, drawn from the National Curriculum but unique to our school, and allowing children to have clarity in their learning and to make progress, year on year. We have been examining the purpose of all that we do and ensuring that we move forward with a broad and balanced curriculum that supports all children to make good progress in all subjects.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a broad, balanced and creative education personalised to the individual needs of all learners and gives them the skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare for the transition to the next stage in their education.

Our curriculum will be looked at from three perspectives:

Intent – why we do what we do, specific to our pupils and their particular needs.

Implementation – how we do what we do, including how we assess all areas of the curriculum.

Impact – how well do pupils learn in their time at Fosse? Do they leave in Year 6 with the knowledge and skills they need to continue learning successfully in secondary education.

We are placing pupils’ personal, social, health and citizenship education at the heart of how we teach and support pupils at Fosse; if a child is not provided with the right pastoral support then they will struggle to access their learning effectively.

The expectations for teaching within each curriculum subject area can be found in this guide:


Our school curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced experience of learning for all. The overview of learning in our curriculum can be seen below.

Whole School Long Term Plan 2023-24