Wellbeing and Mental Health For Children

  • Daily yoga and mindfulness
  • Healthy school
  • Primary Leadership Council focus on healthy packed lunches and ‘Worry Box’
  • School nurse
  • Brushing teeth
  • Lunchtime supervisors available to talk through concerns

Ways That We Manage Staff Wellbeing And Workload

  • Trust and an absence of fear: no Ofsted fear, no management fear.
  • A sensible and manageable ‘Marking and Feedback Policy’ which allows evidence outside of children’s workbooks
  • Staff are valued as experts in their field, trusted to drive forward
    curriculum developments.
  • Sensible appraisal proves completed in negotiation with staff and an assumption that all staff will go up the pay scale each year, unless evidence indicates otherwise.
  • Supportive work scrutiny and learning walks led by Subject Leaders with Leadership Team.
  • Data capture three times per year, in line with DfE recommendations.
  • Two Parent Interview Days to target all families during the working day.
  • No formal lesson plan formats for expectations about submitting them.
  • Learning walks and video coaching has replaced formal observations.
  • Staff are encouraged to share resources and co-plan with colleagues; time created within the calendar to do so, so that expertise is shared and no-one is ‘reinventing the wheel’.
  • Meetings that finish on time and have a clear purpose.
  • 1265 directed time not filled up. Staff work hard and go the extra mile so this does not need to be measured.
  • A culture of collaboration – staff supporting each other and working together and treating each other with respect.
  • Clear classroom routines and expectations that allow teachers to teach so that no time is wasted.
  • Calendar pinch points monitored and review regularly by Leadership Team and amendments made in response to staff feedback.
  • A range of wellbeing initiatives for staff to participate in: staff lunchbox for forgotten lunches; nominations; buddying

At Fosse Mead, we have created our Workload and Communication Charter to outline how we will work to support the wellbeing of staff.

Workload and Communication Charter