Useful Information

FSM Form

Universal Free School Meals

Permissions Booklet

This document contains all the essential permissions and agreements that we need parents and carers to sign. The booklet will be kept until your child leaves Fosse. The copy here is for your reference or for you to print if you need to.

Permissions booklet

Anti-Bullying Information

If you think your child may be being bullied please talk to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. We usually find that problems between children can be easily sorted if they are tackled straightaway.

Here are a range of different phone numbers and links that you might find helpful.

Advisory Centre for Education (ACE)             020 7354 8321

Children’s Legal Centre                                  0845 345 4345

KIDSCAPE Parents Helpline (Mon-Fri, 10-4) 0845 1 205 204

Parentline Plus                                               0808 800 2222

Youth Access                                                 020 8772 9900

Useful links

You may find some of the links below useful. If there is a site you have found helpful please let us know so we can add a link.

Parent View

Use the following link to let share what you feel about the school – about how well we’re doing or things that we could improve. This is an Ofsted site and is used to gain parent views before and during inspections. If there is anything urgent you need addressing, please come to the school to talk to a senior leader as usual.

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