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Universal Free School Meals – Free school meals (leicester.gov.uk)

Permissions Booklet

This document contains all the essential permissions and agreements that we need parents and carers to sign. The booklet will be kept until your child leaves Fosse. The copy here is for your reference or for you to print if you need to.

Permissions booklet (MISSING FILE)

Bullying Information

Bullying is usually defined as behaviour that is:

  • repeated
  • intended to hurt someone either physically or emotionally
  • often aimed at certain groups, eg because of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation

It takes many forms and can include:

  • physical assault
  • teasing
  • making threats
  • name calling
  • cyberbullying – bullying via mobile phone or online (eg email, social networks and instant messenger)

You can speak to any member of school staff or the school nurse about a bullying concern; your concern will be taken seriously.

Websites for further information:

Online Safety

FMPA IT Online Safety Policy V6.0

More Essential Information

Admissions – Fosse Mead Primary Academy | Leicester | TMET
Privacy Notice – Fosse Mead Primary Academy | Leicester | TMET

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