History intent and implementation statement.

At Fosse Primary School, we provide a high quality history education, taught chronologically in order to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Our novel based approach in teaching History inspires children’s curiosity to question and deepen their understanding of the past. Teaching and learning is planned as part of our creative curriculum to enhance children’s ability to question, think critically and develop perspective and judgements.

Some of the key historical elements taught across the school focus on children knowing and understanding significant aspects of history of the wider world such as ancient civilisations (Stone Age), the expansion and dissolution of empires (The Roman and Ancient Egyptians) and achievement and follies of mankind (World War 2). To support Historical enquiry skills in our children, teachers promote an emphasis on children to think as historians. In each key stage, children are given the opportunity to visit sites of historical significance as well as inviting historians to visit school to talk about their experiences, recreate historical experiences and examine artifacts.

Language and oracy is a key focus for children at Fosse Primary, across the school teachers ensure they explicitly model and teach clear progression of vocabulary linked to history taught. Thus enabling children to broaden their linguistic ability in being able to demonstrate common words and phrases of history over time. Our learning areas also provide plenty of opportunity to develop and enrich language as we have dedicated areas across the school, which reflect a period of history.

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