Vision and Values

At Fosse Mead Primary Academy we aim to provide a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment which enables each child to reach his or her full potential by:-

  • Working as a team comprising children, staff, parents, governors, outside agencies and visitors in line with our school motto: Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Valuing the contribution of each individual within that team;
  • Providing a broad and varied curriculum planned to suit the individual child yet within the ‘EYFS’ National Curriculum framework and broader school curriculum.
  • Promoting fairness and good standards of behaviour and discipline through a Positive Behaviour Policy.
  • Showing and encouraging respect and tolerance for each other and the whole school community;
  • Promoting equality of opportunity regardless of race, religion, gender, social background or ability;
  • Promoting links with other schools as well as the local and wider community;
  • Recognising needs and nurturing strengths;
  • Encouraging pupils at all times to develop positive learning characteristics

As a result of such an environment we hope our children will:

  • Be confident and at ease with themselves and others;
  • Become independent, self disciplined and self motivated;
  • Have respect for themselves, each other and the environment;
  • Be keen to learn and able to set, and achieve, realistic goals of a high standard;
  • Be valued as an individual and as a member of the community, both within the school and beyond;
  • Become literate, numerate, communicative, creative and co-operative.
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