At Fosse Primary School, we understand the importance of teaching our children a creative and experimental Science curriculum. We recognise that Science is a core subject taught in Primary Schools; therefore we give it the specialised teaching and learning that it requires.

Science develops the natural curiosity of the child and enables them to think critically within their ever changing and developing world. At Fosse Primary School, as well as following the aims of the National Curriculum, our Science curriculum provides opportunities for our children to think crucially and to develop their scientific knowledge and understanding to address learning in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. We ensure that our children develop an understanding of the world through different types of scientific enquiry and exploration, thus providing them with the critical thinking skills that they will need today and in the future. Our Science curriculum encourages children to work collaboratively to communicate their scientific findings in a range of different approaches, such as through ICT, diagrams and graphs. We identify that a high quality and creative Science curriculum should develop enthusiasm, joy and an enjoyment of scientific learning and discovery in all our learners.


Science at Fosse Primary school is taught weekly throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. In the Early Years, Science is taught through the children exploring the world around them. We ensure that our lessons create opportunities for creative thinking and first-hand experiences. We understand that in order to achieve high standards in our Science curriculum, we must create a positive and engaging learning atmosphere for our children. Science is taught every half term and ensures a progression of knowledge and working scientifically skills as arranged by the class teacher. We recognise the importance of progressional learning, and therefore sequence our topics in order for our children to develop their scientific knowledge over the years, as well as enabling them opportunities to access prior learning. Throughout our lessons, we encourage children to problem solve and discuss their ideas with their peers. Children are encouraged to ask their own questions and are provided with opportunities to use their scientific skills to research and discover independently. Working Scientifically skills are embedded into every lesson planned and taught by our teachers. These skills are encouraged through curiosity within the classroom, engaging lessons and high-quality resources to aid in the understanding and conceptual knowledge of our children.

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