PE is a vital part of school life at Fosse Primary and ultimately children’s future well-being.  It is therefore our intent to provide an inclusive, broad and balanced PE curriculum that ensures ALL children will benefit, whether through enhancing existing skills, learning new skills or being introduced to new sports, clubs, teams and organisations.

It is our intent to ensure children understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and to equip them with the tools to do so.  Children must understand how to take care of themselves both physically and mentally in order to be successful as adults.

Beyond merely a subject, we believe that participation in sporting activity is a key element of developing a school in which pupils are proud of the community in which they belong. Therefore, great emphasis is placed upon additional sporting opportunities beyond the lesson within after-school clubs, inter-house and inter-school competition and festivals as well as directly trying to support the local clubs within the Leicester City area. We believe this links directly with our school’s values of Together, Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) and, is another way in which we can positively engage with our local community and be active citizens within it.


With our committed staff and coaching teams, the children will receive 2 hours of high-quality PE lessons twice a week, with additional activities available through the week, which enables all children to be active every day at school, either in the playground, the sports hall or the classroom. Class Teachers, professional sports coaches and specialist staff are used for the teaching to ensure the provision is of the highest quality. The coach also co-plans with the teaching staff on a half-termly basis in order to ensure all staff are developing their PE knowledge and ability.

The school actively invites local clubs and organisations to deliver active & fun sport to the children throughout the year, promoting local sport & club links. Thus, encouraging children to join groups and clubs outside of the school, to further their abilities, build confidence & cement their place within their local community.

The school sports coach provides resources and training to the lunch time staff, who deliver activities to the children in the playground and sports hall. Children have access to equipment at lunch, to encourage them to play individually or as part of a group, during their free play time, ensuring all children enjoy their outdoor playtime and are never lonely, bored or inactive. Year groups 1,3,4,5 enjoy the privilege of access to the sports hall at dinner on a rotational basis, 1-year group are granted access at a time, to take part in planned activities that are led by the supervising adult. The children have 25 minutes to be active and have fun with their friends within this time, which is scheduled on a non PE day, therefore ensuring the children have access to active play sessions every day at school.

Learning to swim is a priority at Fosse Primary; Y3 and Y4 both receive weekly swimming lessons for half of the year each.  This is to enable them to become stronger, more confident swimmers, as well as being able to swim the required 25m before they leave primary education.  Children attend their local pool where they receive high quality coaching from qualified swim teachers in small groups where they feel safe and are encouraged to work hard, be brave and push themselves to achieve more. In Y6, children who are not able to swim the full 25m will receive half a term of intensive swimming lessons, during the Summer term, which is funded by the government PE premium.

Children will have the opportunities to participate in a wealth of competitions through inter-house competitions within the school, inter-school competition through the school sports partnership and the school games programme. All children are encouraged to take part in at least one competition each year, where they can experience the excitement and pride whilst representing their school.

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The aim is that our extensive PE curriculum will impact greatly on our children’s ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make appropriate choices about their physical and mental health.  The curriculum will develop positive self-awareness in children as they become physically competent. They will also demonstrate a healthy attitude to competition, showing respect for individuals, teams, officials and coaches.

We hope to see the school’s ethos of TEAM reflected in all our children.