e-Safety is an important part of children’s education in today’s digital world, which is why Fosse Mead Primary Academy takes the education and welfare of our pupils online very seriously. We also want to help parents to improve their understanding of e-Safety so they can help themselves and their children on how to use the internet and digital media in a safe and secure way as it becomes increasingly accessible to children and young people.

If you are concerned in any way about e-safety, what your child may have been accessing on-line through social media or otherwise or if they have received inappropriate texts (sexting) please contact Mr Johnson on 0116 2519261.

eSafety Resources

To try and help parents grasp the fast moving and changing world of the internet and social media we’ve put together a list of a few useful internet resources below.

Parent Info

There is a great new online safety tool designed for parents called Parent Info, this tool was created by the Department for Education and it contains advice on everything from keeping children safe online from trolls to how to keep children safe on WhatsApp.


Another good online resource for parents and children is Childnet which contains interactive videos such as this one on how to keep your child safer online.

Childnet has also produced a leaflet for parents which can be downloaded from here.

Internet Matters

Internet Matters is a website that contains numerous tidbits of eSafety information, such as:

Cyberbullying advice,

How to talk to your children about internet safety,

Quick guides to different types of social media such as Snapchat and Instagram.

You can visit Internet Matters by clicking here,

There is also an interactive video on how to keep your child safe online here.

Other Resources

Here are some quick links to other useful websites that you may find useful.

Other Resources



Safer Internet

CEOP Police


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