Trips and Theme Days

Our Year 6 climate strikers! We are doing our bit to tackle climate change!

After the May Half Term holiday the whole school took part in a DT week.  Children had a great time!  On the final day children had the opportunity to visit other year groups to see what they had produced during DT week.

Foundation children designed and made a car for Batman.

Year 1’s project was pizzas.

Year 2’s project was lighthouses.

Year 3 and 4’s project was biscuits.

Year 5 and 6’s project was T’shirts.

Year 5/ 6 – Tshirts

Year 2 Lighthouses

Year 1 Pizza project

We want children at Fosse to have as many rich and exciting experiences as possible in their time at Primary School. Please visit the pages below to see more.

KS1 Super Citizens visit the cinema _ December 2015

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